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19-Year-Old Dog Pass Away After Going On A Yearlong ‘Bucket List’ Adventure


Annie, a 19-year-old Black Labrador retriever mix, passed away on June 24 after living her best life going on a yearlong ‘bucket list’ adventure with her two fur moms.

Annie’s fur moms, two best friends named Lauren Siler and Lisa Flores adopted the lovable pup on June 21, 2022.

Siler revealed that they told her Annie only had a month left. But Annie defied all the odds and lived a year longer.

And when the two best friends brought Annie home, they created a bucket list for her, filled with things the pooch could do before she pass away.

Since being adopted, Annie never looked back, received so much love, and was able to check so many things off her bucket list.

Among these things were a birthday party, a DNA test, a professional photoshoot, two Christmas celebrations (one in July and one on actual Christmas day), a news appearance, a hamburger tour, walking out onto the Texas Rangers baseball field, painting a picture, and even “making it to all 50 states and several international destinations”.

Siler said, “It was starting to get hard to come up with things to add to the bucket list. We were like, ‘Gosh, what are we going to do now? Who knows, she’s done so much.’”

Since then, Annie became an online sensation with people following her journey while she check off things one by one on her bucket list.

People on Instagram then started giving Annie’s fur moms a few bucket list suggestions. “And so we were like, ‘Oh, this is great! Like, now we have more ideas,’ because it seems like Annie’s gonna be sticking around for a while. So we have more things to do.”

But sadly, Annie crossed the rainbow bridge on June 24, exactly one year and three days since she’s been adopted.

“Annie had the life we pray every senior dog we rescue gets to experience. Annie didn’t just live out this past year… she THRIVED!” said Siler in the Instagram post announcing Annie’s passing.

Annie had a bloat that made her stomach flip a complete 360 and her only option was surgery. However, Siler revealed that the surgery was “never something we would put Annie through.”

“Collectively we made the hardest decision for us but kindest for Annie,” she continued.

Talking to TODAY, Siler said, “It would have broken my heart more for her to have been put down in the shelter surrounded by nobody that she knew than it would have for us to have to go through that grief when that time comes.”

“I knew the signs, I knew the hurt, but I also knew what it meant to be by his side the whole time. I wanted to be that for Annie,” she also wrote in an Instagram post.

When Siler shared her first post of Annie, she wrote that, “When her time comes and she tells us she is done, she won’t be alone at a shelter.”

And true to their word, on the 19-year-old pooch’s last day, Annie “was with all the people that loved her. she was celebrated. she greeted every dog that came to her party and then her body decided she was done.”

Rest easy, Annie. Hoping you continue checking things off your bucket list in doggy heaven!

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