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2 Dogs Get Shot, 1 Fatally, By Boston Police After Attacking An Officer


Two dogs gets shot, one fatally, by a Boston Police officer after they attacked another officer inside a Dorchester apartment on Wednesday, April 19.

The incident happened at 28 Michigan Avenue while the police were arresting Tumerrick Brown, 22, who has 12 outstanding arrest warrants on charges that include Assault and Battery on a Police Officer, wrote the Boston Police Department (BPD) on Facebook.

The BPD explained that while placing the suspect in their custody, one of their officers was attacked by two dogs inside the apartment. And that’s when a second officer fired their weapon that struck both dogs.

The dogs who attacked the officer were said to be Pit Bulls, named Tampa and Colby. Tampa, who was just a puppy, was left injured after getting shot. According to NewsCenter 5, Tampa was on a “puppy play date” with Colby on the day of the incident.

Meanwhile, Colby, who was a three-year-old pit bull, was shot to death.

According to NewsCenter 5’s report, the police entered Colby’s owners’ apartment to search for a family member with multiple arrest warrants.

Colby’s family said Colby was inside the bathroom and likely reacted violently because of the loud noises and yelling when the police opened the bathroom door.

“We kept telling them: ‘There’s dogs in the house,’ which they were in a locked bathroom. ‘Don’t go in the house and if you do, please don’t open the bathroom door. They don’t know you,’” one of Colby’s owners said.

A family friend who was also present during the incident said the police provoked the dogs. She told NBC10 Boston, “They get in the house, I go to the bathroom, and then they shoot the dog, that’s all I could hear.”

Meanwhile, the two officers involved in the incident with the dogs were both brought to local hospitals with “non-life-threatening injuries” as per the BPD.

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