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Another Dog Gets Abandoned At The Pittsburgh International Airport


Another dog gets abandoned at the Pittsburgh International Airport, the Allegheny County Police said on Thursday, November 16.

“There is no excuse for leaving your pets behind,” the Allegheny County Police Department (ACPD) wrote in a Facebook post.

The police said that around 1:15 PM, officers at Pittsburgh International Airport were alerted to a dog that was left and tied to a pole at the airport’s short-term parking garage.

ACPD revealed that the dog was not microchipped and said, “Officers responded and were able to un-tie the dog, which fortunately appears to be in good condition.”

ACPD asked the public for information about the incident and was able to find a man, who they believed to be the owner’s dog, through CCTV footage.

They said, “At this point, we believe he was a ticketed passenger that spent time inside the airport before leaving the dog in the short-term parking garage prior to his flight.”

And on November 20, thanks to the people who reached out, the dog’s owner was finally identified as 68-year-old David Mittelberger Sr. of Windsor Heights, West Virginia.

ACPD revealed, “Investigators believe Mittelberger was traveling to California, but our attempts to contact him have been unsuccessful.”

“After consultation with the District Attorney’s office, we’ve filed charges against Mittelberger for abandonment of animals, neglect of animal, and cruelty to animals. These are summary offenses and will be sent via citation,” the ACPD wrote.

The dog was also identified as Mikey and is currently in the care of an animal shelter in Pittsburgh called Animal Friends.

The police department said that Mikey is currently not up for adoption and has an active infection in his mouth that requires significant dental care.

They also revealed that they are currently working with the state dog warden and the animal shelter to secure a court order allowing Mikey to receive the proper care.

Online users and dog lovers alike were furious about the situation. One user said, “Whoever left this sweet dog should be charged and deemed unfit to ever own a pet again.” While another wrote, “How can people do this to their pets?! That poor pup was probably so confused & scared!”

The news came three months after the Allegheny County police reported another similar incident.

Another dog was previously abandoned by its owner at the same airport after the owner found out she couldn’t bring the 7-year-old French Bulldog with her on her flight without a crate, choosing to leave the poor dog at the airport’s parking lot.

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