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‘Courageous Mama Dog’ Survives Rattlesnake Bite, Gives Birth To 7 Puppies


A brave pregnant dog gives birth to seven puppies after surviving a venomous rattlesnake bite in Phoenix, Arizona.

Molly, the 1-year-old Cattle dog mix, was a heavily pregnant and homeless dog and was bitten by a rattlesnake.

She was taken in by a local emergency animal clinic in Phoenix and was given an antivenom before the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) took her in.

According to PEOPLE, by the time AHS’s Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ (EAMT) arrived, Molly has already given birth to three puppies.

The EAMTs rushed Molly and her three puppies to the AHS trauma hospital. However, during the trip, Molly gave birth to two more puppies.

But a rattlesnake bite and a trip to the hospital didn’t stop this courageous mama dog. When Molly and her five puppies reached AHS’ Mutternity Suites, Molly delivered her final pair of puppies.

Currently, Molly and her seven puppies are recuperating and resting well at AHS’ Mutternity Suites after such distressing experience.

Speaking to TODAY.com, Kelsey Dickerson, spokesperson for the Arizona Humane Society, said, “Her [Molly’s] story is absolutely incredible. It is definitely one of strength.”

Dickerson also revealed that after all the courageous dog mom went through, the pooch is still a bit wary of people and is protective of her pups.

She said, “Our amazing behavior team has been working with her every day to be able to help instill that trust within her and let her know that she’s in a safe space.”

Molly and her Minions, as the AHS referred to the family of eight, will continue to receive medical attention and care at the hospital until they can be placed in a foster home.

But Molly isn’t the only mama in the AHS Mutternity Suites that is getting their well-deserved rest. Two other dog moms and their litters are being taken care at the Mutternity Suites.

The Arizona Humane Society is currently looking for foster homes to create space for more canine families at their facilities.

According to AHS, foster families will receive everything they need to take care of the dogs, including medications, supplies, food, toys, blankets, and more. They said, “all you need to provide is a quiet space filled with love and care.”

To foster a pet from the Arizona Humane Society, please visit https://www.azhumane.org/foster/.

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