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Dog Surrenders And Climbs Into Armored Vehicle, Surprising Florida SWAT Officers


On Tuesday, November 21, a SWAT confrontation took an unexpected turn when a dog ran out from the Jensen Beach house where the Martin County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office revealed that during the search, the dog, named Bear, ran out of the door, past the detectives, and “right into the MCSO armored BearCat where two SWAT members were staged.”

“With every search warrant, you usually have a runner,” The Martin County Sheriff’s Office wrote on their Facebook page.

The MCSO made light of the situation and continued, “The runner seemed like he was more interested in jumping to the law enforcement side while a house full of suspects were being arrested.”

They revealed that Bear spent the rest of the morning waiting patiently while five people inside the house he came from were arrested on drug charges.

“No word on what Bear was running from, but he made the right decision,” the MCSO wrote.

While five people where arrested and are facing multiple charges, the MCSO didn’t say if one of them was Bear’s owner. But they did say and assured everyone that Bear was “in good hands”.

The MCSO’s post about Bear quickly went viral as it showed photos of the pooch inside the armored vehicle, patiently waiting and even getting pets from the SWAT officers!

Online users can’t help but ‘applaud’ Bear for being smart and making the decision to run to the officers during the situation.

One user quipped, “Smart dog! Obviously the brains of the operation. Good job.” While another wrote, “I see a new K-9 deputy in the future.”

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