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Dog That Was Nearly Beaten To Death Gets A Second Chance At Life And A Forever Home


After going through a heartbreaking and near-death experience in his life, Chance the German Shepherd gets a second chance at life and finally finds his forever home on Monday, October 2.

And the best part of the story? Chance’s new fur parent is Officer Matthew Tamanosky of the York City Police Department, one of the police officers who found him and rescued him back in August.

On August 23, York City police officers responded to a call about a puppy that was beaten to death with a stick.

According to FOX 43, Chance was unconscious when the police found him and was immediately rushed to Mason Dixon Animal Emergency Hospital.

The veterinary technicians said that Chance was extremely malnourished and suffered multiple fractures including in his left eye socket, his jaw, and his left forelimb.

The German Shepherd received all the essential surgeries and medicines at Mason Dixon Animal Emergency Hospital. And he has showed great signs of improvement while at the care of York County SPCA.

And the second chance the pooch got at life is how he got the name ‘Chance’. When the dog was rescued, his name was never known. So, the vets at Mason Dixon named him.

“We don’t know his name so right now we call him ‘Chance’ because this is his second chance at life,” they said.

And just a month after getting his second chance at life, Chance found his forever home on October 2.

York County SPCA announced Chance’s ‘Gotcha Day’ on their Facebook page and revealed, “After seeing him, Officer Tamanosky and his fiancée could not stop thinking about Chance and began inquiring about him.”

Talking to FOX 43, Officer Tamanosky said, “Seeing how a terrible human being could just beat a poor, four or five-month-old little animal, leave him there to die, unconscious, lying on the ground, it’s just something that strikes a chord with you.”

The executive director of the York County SPCA, Steven Martinez, said that they received hundreds of applications for Chance’s adoption.

But revealed that it was only right that the officer who helped save the pup got to take him home.

Martinez told FOX 43, “He was the one who got Chance out of that situation and we operate on a first-come, first-serve basis when it comes to adoption—he was the first one on the scene, so clearly Chance should be going home with him.”

Officer Tamanosky said he and his family will “definitely give him the life he deserves—lots of treats, make him a good boy, a good part of the Tamanosky family.”

Meanwhile, the York City Police are still working to make an arrest in the case. Detectives also revealed that they now have a person of interest and are waiting for witnesses to come forward.

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