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Dog Who Stayed At Shelter For 7 Years Gets Adopted By Woman She Has Touching Ties With


An Animal Resource Center (ARC) shelter dog, who stayed at the shelter for seven years, finally gets adopted by a woman she has touching ties with.

Animal Resource Center, a no-kill shelter in Pennsylvania, called Ella’s adoption, their seven-year resident, an “Extremely special adoption”.

Before sharing Ella’s story on Facebook, ARC wrote, “you might want to grab a tissue real quick for this one”.

The shelter shared that a few weeks ago, they received an email “we’ve been hoping we’d get to see day after day over the last SEVEN years”.

The shelter revealed that Ella has been their longest resident. And that a woman, named Kaitlyn, was interested in adopting the lovable pooch.

Kaitlyn told the shelter her story. She said her dog, Jo, passed away a few months ago and she was now ready for another dog.

“When Ella first saw Kaitlyn, we think she already knew, that this is MY person,” ARC wrote.

The shelter further explained, “Ella is a dog that has fear aggression and needs multiple visits for her to get comfortable with you – Not with Kaitlyn, it’s like Ella picked HER.”

They continued, “She immediately walked over to Kaitlyn with no hesitation, allowing her to give Ella scratches and pets right away.”

But the fact that the shelter’s longest resident was finally getting adopted after seven years wasn’t the only thing special about this adoption!

ARC revealed that by the end of Ella and Kaitlyn’s first meeting, their staff noticed Kaitlyn getting emotional while looking at Ella’s neck.

Then Kaitlyn pulled a photo of her dog wearing a bandana and told the ARC staff, “This bandana that Ella is wearing, it’s Jo’s. I donated them all here when he passed”.

ARC revealed they couldn’t help but tear up at Kaitlyn and Ella’s touching tie with each other. “Out of the 20 dogs in our shelter right now, this bandana. This specific bandana. Jo’s bandana. It was on Ella.”

ARC continued, “Kaitlyn said it best by saying ‘I like to think of it as Jo’s stamp of approval’ knowing it was meant to be.”

Ella is a Terrier and American Pit Bull mix. And she has spent all seven years of her life off and on at the ARC.

According to her adoption page, Ella came to the shelter as a five-month-old puppy and was returned as a three-year-old adult. The pooch then spent another year at ARC before being adopted and returned again.

But you know what they say, third time’s a charm! And now, Ella found her forever home in the most special way.

The Animal Resource Center revealed that Ella’s adoption is a bittersweet moment for them. “Every morning, Ella use to pop up off her bed and greets you at the door of her kennel right away. We’ll miss that tomorrow.”

“But my goodness the amount of pure happiness we will feel everyday knowing Ella finally got what she deserved: ELLA GOT ADOPTED.”

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