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Funny Dog Posts From Last Week (Jan 29)


Welcome to the Dogington Post’s “The Weekly Roundup” where we scour the internet for the funniest posts about our furry friends.

To start the year, we present you funny dog posts from Jan 21 to Jan 27 that will paws-itively make you through the rest of the week!

If you’re having a ruff day, then these posts will surely have you barking in joy.

When your dog looks like a person in a dog costume:

When you put them up in the air and discover their talent:

When you see it…:

When you have to open “the door” for them:

When you only know dog breeds but not rock bands:

When they sigh more than you do throughout the day:

When the food smells TOO good:

When this hooman carried his pooch in a pouch:

When you have a Kung-Fu fighter of a dog:

When you build a snow maze for the doggos and they absolutely love it:

When movies become too relatable:

When they know EXACTLY where their spot is:

When they get into a playfight in their sleep:

When they think the couch is an indoor mud pit:

When they got a feline friend at home:

When they eat first, and question everything later:

When they’re in their happy place:

When YOU embarrass them during morning walks:

When they’re talented AF:

When they try their best to be polite:

If you just can’t get enough of our weekly roundup, you can check out last week’s batch of posts!

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