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German Shepherd Clutching A Stuffed Toy Alone In The Rain Gets Rescued


A German Shepherd named Nikki, who was spotted alone in the rain clutching onto a stuffed toy, has been rescued by two non-profit organization.

The non-profit organizations, Almost Home Animal Rescue and South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery, caught Nikki and is now helping her get the medical attention she needs.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Gail Montgomery, the cofounder of Almost Home Animal Rescue, said she got private messages and pictures of Nikki wandering the streets of downtown Detroit while it was raining.

Montgomery described seeing the photos of Nikki clutching onto her stuffed toy in the pouring rain as “gut-wrenching and heartbreaking.”

And to add onto the heartbreaking photos of Nikki, Montgomery was told that the German Shepherd has been on her own for months due to the death of her owner.

Montgomery later reached out to the South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery to help find and catch Nikki.

And after Nikki’s “gotcha day” on May 2, the non-profit organizations took her to the vet and found out some terrible news.

According to the South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery, “Nikki is heartworm positive. This is terrible news as this is such an expensive treatment. She’s not spayed. She’s never had a bath a day in her life and she has a double ear infection.”

However, after Almost Home Animal Rescue got Nikki a foster family, her treatment continued. And in a Facebook post update, Almost Home said Nikki is “with the bestest foster couple ever.”

Since Nikki had to survive alone for months, she had to eat whatever was available. And this caused internal problems. According to Montgomery, “they found plastic bags, twigs, and bones in her stomach.”

Nikki has been to two vets so far and had undergone a series of tests and blood work.

Fortunately, Nikki’s road to recovery is going well thanks to her ongoing treatment and the wonderful support she’s been getting from her foster parents and everyone around her.

Montgomery reveals that Nikki doesn’t need her stuffed toy anymore and instead, is cuddling with her foster parents.

“She still kind of sleeps on it, but she’s not obsessed with it like she was in Detroit when she was walking around,” Montgomery added.

If you want to donate to Nikki’s treatment or help other animals in need, you may send your donations to Almost Home Animal Rescue and South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery.

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