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How Much Does a Samoyed Shed? Facts & Care Tips


As cute as Samoyeds are, you’d think they would top the list of the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) most popular breeds. Few puppies are cuter and more adorable. These dogs always seem like they’re smiling. Yet, the Samoyed ranks 55th. Perhaps one factor is the pup’s excessive amount of shedding. Their coat belies the fact they can get up to 65 pounds. It’s as if it’s all fur.

Genetics and environmental factors control how much a dog sheds. The history of this breed is an excellent place to start for explaining why the Samoyed will lead the pack for this trait. Remember that selective breeding focuses on desirable characteristics. Sometimes, it also brings other unexpected consequences, like heavy shedding.


History of the Samoyed

The breed gets its name from the Samoyede people of northwestern Siberia. The country is synonymous with cold. A thick coat is an asset for an animal living in these conditions. The Samoyed has also been a member of dog sledding teams, which, again, highlights challenging weather conditions and the ability to survive them. As a result, this pup is perfectly content being outdoors in the winter.

white Samoyed dog in a beautiful forest
Image Credit: Evgeniia Shikhaleeva, Shuttestock

A Description of the Samoyed’s Coat

The AKC breed standard provides an excellent description of the Samoyed’s coat, referring to it as wool instead of hair. The undercoat has this cotton-like appearance with a rougher outer coat. The dog sheds year-round but blows the wool twice a year. These times are relatively short-lived but intense. You can easily pull puffs of the undercoat from your pet’s coat.

Cream or white are the only accepted colors for a Samoyed. The wool is soft and incredibly durable. Unsurprisingly, it is weather-resistant. It’s also odorless. Samoyeds remain remarkably clean for a white-colored dog. Even though their coat is thick, you should not shave it during the summer. It provides valuable protection against UV radiation and sunburn.

Grooming Your Samoyed

You should brush your Samoyed daily to keep the year-round shedding under control. It can also help prevent mats, which can become problematic with the thick undercoat. We recommend brushing your dog thoroughly before bathing. Sunlight can discolor your pet’s fur. Therefore, we suggest providing shaded places in your yard for your pup to rest.

Image Credit: Pixabay

What to Do About Samoyed Shedding

Regular grooming is the best way to manage your Samoyed’s shedding. We mentioned the pup’s undercoat being called wool. There’s a good reason for it. You can spin it just like sheep or rabbit wool. The yarn is just as beautiful and soft as any other you’ll find. You can use it to make garments or bedding with your ready supply of the stuff.

The actual amount you’ll get depends on several factors. Females typically shed twice a year, whereas males usually blow their undercoat annually. The former is also noticeably smaller than the latter. Genetics plays a role, as does diet and the pup’s environment. Clearly, a dog living in a cold climate will have a thicker coat than one in a warm climate.

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Final Thoughts

Samoyeds are beautiful animals with luxurious coats that include a soft and thick undercoat. These dogs shed a lot and require daily grooming to keep their coats healthy and matt-free. Shedding involves the loose hairs you’ll find on your furniture and clothing. However, you’ll also find clumps of white fluff that you gather and spin like wool.

Featured Image Credit: Nik Tsvetkov, Shutterstock

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