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Japanese Dog Saves The Life Of A Heart Attack Victim And Gets Hailed A Hero


A 5-year-old dog got hailed as a hero after saving the life of a man who was having a heart attack by barking non-stop until another hooman arrived to help.

The good girl, named Koume, received an official letter of appreciation from Chiba City’s Wakaba Fire Station’s fire officials for her courageous act.

Koume received the letter of appreciation during a special ceremony for her held last April at Chiba Riding Park, a horse riding club in Wakaba-ku, Chiba City.

As per CNN‘s report, a man in his fifties collapsed at Chiba Riding Park on February 25 and Koume started barking non-stop which alerted people to rush to the scene.

Yuna Maruo, a 23-year-old riding instructor and one of the people alerted by Koume’s barks said, “Koume is usually quiet and barks only under rare circumstances. But when an emergency arises, Koume does bark.”

Thanks to Koume’s barks, staff at the horse riding club were able to swiftly call an ambulance and paramedics were able to save the man just in time.

According to Maruo, this isn’t Koume’s first heroic act. She has previously helped two horses in the club – one that was trying to flee by jumping the fence and one that had difficulties standing up on its own.

Furthermore, Maruo revealed that Koume grew up under another pooch named Ume, who has passed away. And Maruo believes Ume was the one who helped teach Koume how to call for help when needed.

A fire department official also applauded Koume’s action and said, “Koume’s action in calling for help and the staff’s actions were a perfect response.”

Meanwhile, the man that Koume saved is now in good health and has returned to riding at the club.

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