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Popov Leather Leash and Dog Collar Review 2023: Our Expert’s Opinion


Our Final Verdict

We give Popov Leather Dog Collar and Leash Combo an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5

Variety of Colors and Sizes: 4/5

Materials: 5/5

Value: 5/5

Popov Leather is a leather goods company that makes a variety of human accessories, like wallets, bags, and belts and sophisticated, dog, leather accessories, including leashes and collars. Ryan Popoff, the co-founder and leather maker, started experimenting with leather-working in 2013 and has grown his workshop to serve human and dog customers alike!

The Popov Leather team has grown since then and now operates inside a renovated animal kennel in British Columbia, Canada. You can meet each of the individual team members on their website and know that every product they create has touched one of their hands. Every leather product is made to order for the given customer. This creative team even hosts a blog on their site that is regularly updated on how to best care for your new leather items, which I think we all kind of need.

My pup, Indiana Jones (“Indy” for short) got the chance to try out both of Popov’s leather dog collar and leash this past week and I am super happy with the quality, color, and feel of these two products.

Find out why I love my Popov Leather dog collar and leash combo for my adventurous fur baby below!


At a Glance: What We Reviewed

Image Product Details

Our Favorite

Popov Leather Dog Collar Popov Leather Dog Collar

  • Soft to touch

  • Optional engraving

  • Multiple colors and sizes
  • Second place
    Popov Leather Dog Leash Popov Leather Dog Leash

  • 5 feet long!

  • Multiple colors

  • Solid brass hardware
  • PK paw divider

    About Popov Leather

    Popov Leather Leash and Dog Collar - opened products

    I chose the leather dog collar and leash from Popov Leather to try out for Indy because her namesake is “Indiana Jones”! What is more fitting for her than a brown leather collar and leash? Leather and brass materials are also very durable and can be weather-resistant. When treated right, leather items like this collar and leash can last years! Popov Leather seemed like a great choice for me, in general, because of their artistic and individualized approach to leather-making, the quality of the materials they use, and their crafting process.

    Who Makes Popov Leather Products?

    Popov Leather Products was started by Ryan Popoff, who started exploring leather-making in 2013. After being encouraged by his wife to turn his passion into a business, he has grown Popov to include a high-level team of local, leather artisans in British Columbia. All of the Popov Leather human and dog products are hand-made by these artisans and shipped directly from their workshop in Canada.

    Who are Popov Leather Dog Accessories Best Suited For?

    These leather leashes and collars could be used for any dog since Popov has a variety of sizes and colors available for the collars. The collars are equipped with a brass buckle and multiple holes, like a belt, and can be adjusted to the neck size of your pup.

    The leashes come in one size, five feet long, and are probably best used with a properly trained dog or an older dog. Since the leash isn’t adjustable, I’m not sure how well it would do with a dog that pulls on the leash or is more reactive to other passing walkers or dogs.


    Key Features

    Popov Leather Leash and Dog Collar - products on the table

    I love the Popov Leather dog collar and leash for Indy because of the quality and natural features of the materials used, the overall feel and comfort both items offer, and the natural color I chose which matches my and Indy’s ideal, adventuring aesthetic.

    Quality of Natural Materials

    The Popov Leather dog collar and leash are made up of “USA full-grain leather”, which will just get shinier the more Indy wears it. Each item was equipped with solid brass hardware, which just adds to the refined look of these leather items and is also very durable. The collar’s upper and lower edges are polished with beeswax and not dyed, which means the leather won’t “bleed” if Indy gets wet at the lake or the beach. You’ll notice that all of the materials being used to make the leash and collar are natural and built to get dirty, get wet, and experience the day-to-day roughness of being a dog – and I love that!


    I was worried about Indy’s comfort with a leather collar. She’s only ever worn a silicone collar and can be picky about textures and smells. But I was able to put it on her with no fuss. I chose to buckle in the second hole from the end, which gives her a little more breathing room. She wears it, even now, without scratching it or pawing at it. The long leash and the collar are both smooth and soft to the human touch as well, which is really nice for everyday walking.

    Popov Leather Leash and Dog Collar - indy wearing the collar

    Lifetime Warranty

    Lifetime warranty on a dog collar and leash?! I really thought I misread the product description when I saw that. This warranty has to be the most amazing part of this product, I didn’t think any dog accessory or product could last my dog’s or my entire life. Popov Leather advertises their products as “heirloom quality” and, with proper care, can last through generations and I don’t doubt it. They even show you what that “proper care” looks like on their blog!


    With my chosen “Natural” color for both the leash and collar, Indy looks so lovely! She is giving “rustic” and “chic” with this combo and I’m here for it! Popov also offers the option to engrave your collar with your dog’s name, which can be a very sweet addition to the look. But, I personally really like the simplified look of the collar without the engraving.

    Popov Leather Leash and Dog Collar - indy sitting outside

    Color and Style Variety

    There are four natural colors (“Black”, “English Tan”, “Heritage Brown”, and “Natural”) to choose from when selecting both your collar and leash. I chose “Natural” simply because I liked it the best. Popov also offers a variety of sizes for the collar. They even supply website visitors a nice table with dog descriptions so you can see which collar size to order. Indy is a beefy, 70-pound, Cattle Dog and I went with the 16” and it fit well – not too loose, not too snug.


    Reviews of the Popov Leather Dog Collar and Leash

    1. Leather Dog Collar

    Popov Leather Dog Collar

    The leather dog collar was adorable, understated, and elegant all at the same time. The leather wasn’t tough or inflexible and the edges of the collar weren’t sharp and didn’t cut Indy’s neck. Indy got used to it in minutes and didn’t paw or scratch at it.

    • Softness and flexibility of the leather
    • Beeswax polish for edges so it doesn’t cut the neck
    • Durable for swimming, rain, dirt, and activities
    • Life-time warranty
    • Multiple sizes and colors
    • Belt buckle can be tough to lock in on dog

    2. Leather Dog Leash

    Popov Leather Dog Leash

    I love the length, the brass hardware, and the overall feel of this leather dog leash.

    The leather is soft and easy on your hands and the length, for a trained dog, is perfect for a casual stroll.

    • The length! 5-feet long and perfect!
    • Softness of the leather
    • Thin and easy to carry or coil
    • Life-time warranty
    • Multiple colors
    • Only one length available


    Our Experience With Popov Leather Collar and Leash

    Indy’s and my experience with Popov Leather’s dog collar and leash combo has been wonderful!

    When ordering the collar, I found the neck sizing table Popov Leather provided super helpful. They matched the neck size with the typical dog breed, so you know which size to pick. I went with the 16” for Indy and it fit very well. Even if you get a size too small or too big, the brass buckle on the collar works exactly like a belt, so you can adjust the size to best fit your dog.

    Indy took no time to adapt to the leather collar. The collar is both soft and light. The edges have been polished and even if I chose to have Indy wear her collar tighter, the edges could not have cut into her neck. The color I chose, “Natural,” is a nice brown that stands out against her white and spotted fur, which I liked. When you pair it with the matching leather leash, your dog becomes more stylish than you.

    The collar didn’t come engraved because we already had a silver name tag with her name engraved on it, which pairs nicely with this leather collar.

    Indy let me put the collar on her with no fuss. I just had a little trouble, initially, locking the belt-style buckle around her neck. Once I got it on her, I let her walk around with it for a while and see if she was going to try to get it off or scratch at it. She has always had a silicon collar and I was worried she wouldn’t like the feel or smell of the leather, but she showed no signs of discomfort. She is still wearing it now, as she lays snoring beside me.

    The leather leash is the perfect length. I was so pleasantly surprised by this! It is a bit longer than our other leashes and will probably be the go-to for strolling around Scottsdale’s Old Town area.

    I probably wouldn’t use the leather leash for Indy on a more strenuous hike. Since the leather is just so nice, I wouldn’t want it to get super dirty or damaged – even though I’m sure the leash could handle it. I do love the leash’s length, but because it is so long and isn’t automatically adjustable, I would probably use a shorter, cord leash to keep Indy close on a trail with a lot of other dogs or people around.

    Something that amazed me was the Lifetime Warranty that Popov Leather also offers for all of their products. I know that with proper care, which I now know all about because of Popov’s Blog, that this leash and collar could actually last my entire life.

    I also love that Popov Leather is supporting local artisans in Canada and celebrating leather craftsmanship! Their team is full of creativity and expertise, which you can see from their packaging, their customer thank-you note, and with the quality of the leather items themselves.




    If you are looking to elevate your dog’s day-to-day look, I think that the Popov Leather collar and leash combination is the perfect way to go. By supporting Popov Leather it feels like you’re not only spoiling your dog with luxurious leather goods, you’re also supporting independent, Canadian artists fulfilling their passions. The extra bonus is that you get to look pretty stylish yourself with your rich brown or black leather leash on your morning, afternoon, or evening walk with your best furry friend. Just pair your dog’s Popov Leather leash and collar with a fashion-forward outfit, a sustainable to-go coffee mug, and you’ll be ready for all the selfies and incoming compliments.

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