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Senior Shelter Dog Who Spent 11 Years In Alabama Shelter Moves To Wisconsin To Continue Search For A Home


A 13-year-old senior dog who spent almost all her life in a shelter in Alabama moves to Wisconsin to continue her search of a forever home on Saturday, March 23.

Fergie, the 13-year-old dog who spent 11 years in an Alabama shelter, was brought to Wisconsin by Wanda McGee and her husband through their organization, Second Chance Shelter.

McGee tells WECT, “She came from animal control, and they had to trap her, actually, to catch her, and she was about a year old when we got her.”

“She was pretty much feral, and she’s just recently started letting us pet her,” she continued.

Thanks to the efforts of Second Chance Shelter and McGee, Fergie, now renamed Fiona, is heading to a foster-based rescue, Albert’s Dog Lounge.

Fiona will be staying with Albert’s Dog Lounge’s Vice President Lindsey Decker until the pooch finds her forever home.

“It’s a really joyful day for me to be able to bridge this gap between shelter and her hopeful forever home,” Decker said.

She continued, “Whether that’s with me, or whether we find her really amazing adopters while she’s with me, which is our goal.”

Decker revealed that if a forever home cannot be found for Fiona, then the 13-year-old pooch will live out her days with Decker, along with other senior dogs.

Decker said Fiona is currently adapting well to her new environment. She said the pooch arrived with a tucked tail and sad eyes, but is now prancing through Decker’s new yard and enjoying her freedom.

“It’s such a fulfilling piece of the rescue mission that we have, is to be able to provide that compassionate care at the end of their lives and, and just give them really, really great retirement years,” Decker said.

In a Facebook post, Albert’s Dog Lounge reveals, “Fiona is taking in the new smells, roaming freely, feasting like a Queen, making doggy friends and staying cozy by the pellet stove with me while we look for the perfect FURever family for her.”

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