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Stray Dog Carries Newborn Baby To Safety After Being Abandoned In Trash


A stray dog in Lebanon was found carrying an abandoned newborn baby girl inside a garbage bag on Wednesday, July 19.

The baby was abandoned and left outside a municipal building in Tripoli, Northern Lebanon. And the infant was discovered when a passerby heard crying noises from the garbage bag that the stray dog carried.

The baby was immediately taken to the Islamic Hospital by the passerby and was later transferred to the Tripoli Government Hospital, as per The National‘s report.

There have been conflicting reports on the baby’s age. Some reports say the infant is four months old, while others believe she is only a few hours old.

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Furthermore, images of the baby showing her face with bruises and abrasions have circulated online. And the discovery prompted shock and outrage across the country, The National reported.

And while many have condemned the baby’s abandonment, many families and mothers have offered to adopt and breastfeed the infant.

People online have also been applauding the stray dog for its heroic actions for saving the baby.

One Twitter user said, “Some say that the dog is an unclean animal and, of course, this is not true. The dog has much more humanity, kindness, cunning and intelligence than some satanic mutants in human form.”

While another user wrote, “Animals have more compassion than humans.”

Ghassan Rifi, a Tripoli journalist said the baby was dumped in an area where a lot of stray dogs roam around.

“Is it possible that whoever dumped her wanted to get rid of her by letting the dogs eat her in this area infested with stray dogs, and that she was saved by that man who happened to be there by chance?” Rifi said, as reported by Arab News.

Rifi also said, “But in all cases, the dog that dragged her was more humane in the face of the brutality and criminality of the one who threw her.”

Currently, authorities are investigating who is behind the abandonment. And the baby’s condition is said to be “serious but stable”.

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