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The Top Dog Wheelchair Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed


The top recommended dog wheelchair accessories to help your dog get more support, added comfort, or improved fit with their Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair. Learn more about the wheelchair accessories your dog wished they had!

Belly Support – for dogs who need support in the center of their body

An easy-to-use neoprene wrap to lift and support your dog under the belly. A mid-body support will lift the center of your dog’s body to help keep its spine level. The belly wrap is necessary for any dog with a back problem or whose back dips down in the center, but especially for long-bodied breeds like a corgi or dachshund.

The Belly Support loops over the wheelchair’s side extender bars and Velcro’s to itself for a comfortable fit. When adjusting your dog’s wheelchair the sidebars should run parallel to the ground, centered through your dog’s body, and your dog’s back should be flat. The Belly Support helps to keep your dog’s back comfortable and supported at all times!

How to choose the right size belly support

Making sure your dog gets the right size belly support is simple, the size directly correlates to the size wheelchair they have. Use the chart below to see what size Belly Wrap will fit your dog’s Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair:

Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair Size Belly Support Size Needed
Mini Walkin’ Wheels XSmall Belly Support (4″ wide)
Small Walkin’ Wheels Small Belly Support (5″ wide)
Corgi Walkin’ Wheels Medium Belly Support (7″ wide)
Medium Walkin’ Wheels Medium Belly Support (7″ wide)
Medium/Large Walkin’ Wheels Medium Belly Support (7″ wide)
Large Walkin’ Wheels Large Belly Support (10″ wide)

Buddy Up Harness – versatile wheelchair compatible lifting harness

Buddy Up Harness for Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair

Getting exercise in their wheelchair isn’t the only time your pup needs a helping hand.

Dogs facing mobility issues may struggle to climb stairs, get in and out of the car, or get outdoors quickly. A lifting harness that can be utilized both in and out of the wheelchair is the best choice.

The Buddy Up Harness features a separate front and rear lifting harness, both are wheelchair compatible and comfortable for your dog to wear. The front harness has both chest support and abdominal support to safely lift your dog’s front end. Each Buddy Up Front Harness comes with D-Rings attached so that can clip easily into your dog’s Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, and the top handle allows you to support them as you clip them into place. The Buddy Up Rear Harness features leg-ring style support for padded comfort and rear support, with a top handle for stabilization.

How to choose the right size Buddy Up Harness

Buddy Up front harness measurement

Buddy Up Front Harness:

Measure the girth of your dog’s chest around your dog’s back and around the body (behind the front legs).

Chest Girth Dog’s Weight Front Harness Size Needed
22″ – 30″ 30 – 45 lbs. Small Buddy Up Front Harness
26″ – 35″ 45 – 65 lbs. Medium Buddy Up Front Harness
30″ – 43″ 65 – 95 lbs. Large Buddy Up Front Harness
37″ – 50″ 95 – 150 lbs. XLarge Buddy Up Front Harness
Buddy Up rear harness measurement

Buddy Up Rear Harness:

Measure the girth of your dog’s abdomen (waist measurement) around your dog’s back and around the body (in front of the hind legs).

Abdomen Girth (Waist) Dog’s Weight Rear Harness Size Needed
13″ – 20″ 30 – 45 lbs. Small Buddy Up Rear Harness
18″ – 24″ 45 – 65 lbs. Medium Buddy Up Rear Harness
22″ – 27″ 65 – 95 lbs. Large Buddy Up Rear Harness
26″ – 38″ 95 – 150 lbs. XLarge Buddy Up Rear Harness

Warrior Front Harness – comfortable front harness for Walkin’ Wheels

Warrior front harness for dog wheelchair

Looking for a fun, colorful, and comfortable front harness for your dog’s wheelchair? The Warrior Front Harness is available in three different camouflage colors: pink, blue, and green with orange.

The harness features adjustable straps at the chest and behind the front legs, with a handle for easy lifting. This harness is compatible with Small, Medium, Large, and Corgi Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchairs.

How to choose the right size Warrior Front Harness

Warrior Front Harness:

Measure the girth of your dog’s chest right behind the front legs all the way around the body (the widest part of the rib cage)

Warrior Front Harness measurement
Chest Girth Dog’s Weight Neck Girth Warrior Front Harness Size Needed
14.5″ – 18″ 5 – 16 lbs. 11″ – 14″ XSmall Warrior Front Harness
20″ – 26″ 15 – 33 lbs. 15″ – 20″ Small Warrior Front Harness
23.5 – 30″ 28 – 55 lbs. 23.5″ – 30″ Medium Warrior Front Harness
28″ – 37″ 60 – 88 lbs. 28″ – 37″ Large Warrior Front Harness
31.5″ – 43.3″ 88 – 150 lbs. 31.5″ – 43.3″ XLarge Warrior Front Harness

Warrior Rear Harness – rear support in & out of the wheelchair

If your dog has weak or paralyzed back legs, the Warrior Rear Harness can provide excellent support for their hind end.

This harness is crafted from durable materials and lined with soft fleece for your dog’s comfort. Shaped like a figure 8, it offers complete underbelly support to your dog. Moreover, the detachable handles are fully adjustable to ensure maximum support without straining your back. The rear harness can be used with your dog’s Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair or anytime they need a little extra support.

How to choose the right size Warrior Rear Harness

Warrior Rear Harness:

Measure the girth of your dog’s upper thigh at the widest part of its back leg.

Warrior Rear Harness measurement
Girth of Back Leg Warrior Rear Harness Size Needed
7″ or less XXSmall Warrior Rear Harness
7″ – 9″ XSmall Warrior Rear Harness
10″ – 11″ Small Warrior Rear Harness
12″ – 13″ Medium Warrior Rear Harness
14″ – 15″ Medium/Large Warrior Rear Harness
16″ – 18″ Large Warrior Rear Harness
19″ – 22″ XLarge Warrior Rear Harness

Boot & Stirrup Kit – an alternate way to lift your dog’s back feet off the ground

Paralyzed pets and dogs who drag their feet on the ground can use the Boot and Stirrup Kit to lift their feet comfortably and safely off the ground. Each kit comes with two boots for the dog’s back paws with stirrups that attach to the boot and to the back of the wheelchair to keep your dog in a comfortable position and protect their rear feet.

How to choose the right size Boot & Stirrup Kit

Boot & Stirrup Kit:

Measure the width of your dog’s foot. Place your dog’s paw on a piece of paper and draw a line on either side of it’s foot. Take your dog’s paw off the paper and measure the distance between the two lines.

Paw Width Boot & Stirrup Size Needed
1.25″ – 1.5″ XXSmall
1.45″ – 1.75″ XSmall
1.65″ – 1.85″ Small
1.85″ – 2.25″ Medium
2.15″ – 2.45″ Medium/Large
2.45″ – 2.65″ Large
2.6″ – 2.85″ XLarge

Walkin’ Wheels Front Attachment – convert a rear wheelchair into a full support cart

Front Dog Amputee Wheelchair

Many dogs’ mobility changes and can worsen over time, which is why it’s so important to choose an adjustable wheelchair for your dog.

We know that many mobility conditions impact the rear legs first, but front leg weakness may occur later. This is why, at any time, the Walkin’ Wheels Front Attachment can be added to a dog’s cart to turn their rear wheel wheelchair into a four-wheel cart. A full-support or quad wheelchair allows for balanced support on all four legs. Perfect for pets dealing with weakness in multiple limbs.

Front wheel attachments are available to fit every size Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair from Mini through Large!

How to choose the right size front wheels for your dog’s wheelchair

The size front attachment that your pet needs, directly correlates the size of the Walkin’ Wheels rear dog wheelchair your pet uses. To size correctly you will need to know the following:

  • The size Walkin’ Wheels frame your pet uses
  • The length of the strut
  • Wheel size used

How Measure Struts:

Measure strut size of wheelchair

The strut of the Walkin’ Wheels Rear wheelchair is attached to the wheel. Take a tape measure and measure the Walkin’ Wheels strut from end to end.

How to Measure Wheels:

Measure wheel size for Walkin' Wheels

Measure the diameter of your dog’s rear wheel (from one end to the other).

Colored Wheels – brighten up your dog’s wheelchair

Roger loves running about in his new blue wheelchair and orange spoke wheels.

Looking to add a pop of color to your medium or large dog’s wheelchair? Swap out the standard wheels that came with your dog’s cart for a bright new pair of colored wheels!

The 12” wheelchair wheels come in 7 different colors! Blue, pink, red, purple, orange, green, and yellow – choose the color that matches your dog’s personality!

Walkin’ Scooter – an indoor dog wheelchair alternative

If your dog drags or scoots across the floor when they’re not in their wheelchair, the Walkin’ Scooter is perfect for your pet. Created to keep paralyzed pets active inside the house, the scooter glides easily across the floor (in any direction!).

The profile of the scooter is low enough to allow your dog to lie down and rest when they want. We love the scooter for indoor playtime and to protect your paralyzed pet’s limbs from scrapes and rug burns!

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