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Woman Saves Abandoned Dog At New York Subway Station Thanks To An Instagram Post


A woman from New York rescued an abandoned dog at the NYC Subway after seeing an Instagram post by “NYC Free The Curb” two weeks ago.

On the evening of March 27, Heather Hamm’s life change fur-ever after seeing @NYCFreeattheCurb‘s Instagram post about an abandoned dog on an NYC Subway Station.

The post on Instagram read, “Emergency! Needs a rescue! Someone just tied this dog to a pole at a subway stop!!! Fulton street subway station where the 4/5 runs! In FiDi! Someone left a scared dog tied up !!!”

The post has only been posted for a few minutes when Hamm saw it. Talking to Green Matters, Hamm said, “Although my immediate gut reaction was to go get her, there were already a handful of comments so I assumed … that surely someone had already volunteered themselves to go get her.”

But after seeing a comment that the dog, a pitbull mix, was still at the station an hour after the post, Hamm jumped into action, called a Lyft and immediately rescued the dog.

She recounts the incident to WABC saying that when she arrived at the station, two police officers were at the scene with the dog.

“And I was just like, ‘Can I have her?’ And they’re like, ‘Well, she’s your dog now because she obviously likes you,’” Hamm tells WABC.

Hamm named the dog Peaches. And 24 hours after the encounter, Peaches was taken to the vet, got her age estimated to be around 6 to 9 months, scanned for a microchip (but didn’t have one) and was told that she was in perfectly good shape!

Currently, Peaches is adjusting extremely well with her new life. “She’s super obedient, always looking to me while we’re walking, and she already knows basic commands like sit, stay, up, and down.”Hamm tells Green Matters.

Hamm also reveals to Green Matters that she has taken Peaches to her pet-friendly workplace and says, “She loves them all, and they love her right back!”

Furthermore, Hamm revealed to WABC that she “had been thinking about getting a dog for some time.” So, Peaches arrived in her life at the right time, making them a match made in heaven.

Hamm also called the experience her “craziest stoop find yet” as she previously used NYC Free The Curb’s page to find a coffee table and couch.

NYC Free The Curb on Instagram is a page that usually tips off New Yorkers to furniture or other useful items, such as books, that are left on sidewalks around the city in the hope that said items can find a new forever home.

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