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164 Mystical Cat Names From Astrology & Mythology


Choosing a name for a cat is the easiest thing in the world for some people, while others spend days agonizing over the perfect name to fit their new feline buddy. If you’re the type of person who loves to stargaze at night or pored over every book on gods and goddesses you could get your hands on, this list might contain the perfect name for your cat.

Read on to learn some names from the mythology of different countries and some that are inspired by the skies above.


Names From Greek Mythology

Greek mythology is a collection of legends and stories from Ancient Greece. It is filled with vibrant descriptions of gods, goddesses, monsters, and heroes, many of whom have unique names that are both lovely and symbolic. Here are some of the ones we like best.

  • Aphrodite: Goddess of Love
  • Artemis: Goddess of the Hunt
  • Athena: Goddess of War
  • Calliope: Muse of Poetry
  • Circe: Goddess of Sorcery
  • Demeter: Goddess of Harvest
  • Eos: Goddess of the Dawn
  • Hecate: Goddess of Magic and Spells
  • Hera: Goddess of Women
  • Hestia: Goddess of Hearth and Home
  • Iris: Goddess of the Rainbow and the Messenger of the Gods
  • Nike: Goddess of Victory
  • Nyx: Goddess of the Night
  • Persephone: Goddess of Spring
  • Selene: Goddess of the Moon
  • Apollo: God of Archery and Music
  • Ares: God of War
  • Dionysus: God of Wine and Pleasure
  • Hades: God of the Underworld
  • Helios: God of the Sun
  • Hephaestus: God of Artisans
  • Hermes: Messenger God
  • Poseidon: God of the Sea
  •  Zeus: God of all Gods
bombay cat lies on coastal rock
Image Credit: Galina-Photo, Shutterstock


Names From Egyptian Mythology

Egyptian mythology is known around the world for its many gods and goddesses that helped guide every facet of human life.  Why not use some of these names as inspiration when naming your cat? Here is a list of our favorites!

  •  Amentet: Goddess of the Dead
  •  Anuket: Goddess of the Nile River
  •  Bastet: Goddess of Protection and Pleasure
  •  Hathor: Goddess of Beauty and Sensuality
  •  Heqet: Goddess of Birth and Fertility
  •  Hesat: Goddess of Milk/Nourishment
  •  Isis: Goddess of Healing and Magic
  •  Ma’at: Goddess of Truth and Justice
  •  Menhit: Goddess of War
  •  Neith: Goddess of Creation and Wisdom
  •  Nut: Goddess of the Sky
  •  Sekhmet: Goddess of the Sun and Plague
  •  Amun: God of the Air
  •  Anhur: God of War
  •  Anubis: God of Funerary Practices
  •  Apep: God of Chaos
  •  Geb: God of the Earth
  •  Horus: God of War and Sky
  •  Kek: Deity of Darkness and Night
  •  Maahes: Lion God of War
  •  Nefertum: God of the Lotus Flower
  •  Nemty: God of Ferrymen
  •  Osiris: God of Fertility
  •  Ptah: God of Craftsman and Architects
  •  Ra: God of the Sun
  •  Set: God of Storms, Chaos, and Disaster
  •  Thoth: God of the Moon and Knowledge
Street cat in Egyptian Temple
Image Credit: Youssef Abdelwahab,Shutterstock


Names from Irish, Welsh, and Norse Mythology

While Greek and Egyptian mythology are often studied, let’s not forget mythology from other parts of the world. Here are some Irish, Welsh, and Norse mythology-inspired names that might fit your cat perfectly.

  • Aed: God of the Underworld
  • Aengus: God of Youth and Love
  • Aoife: Warrior Princess
  • Arawn: Lord of the Otherworld
  • Balor: Leader of Supernatural Beings
  • Belenus: Celtic God of Healing
  • Brigid: Irish Goddess of Spring, Fertility, and Life
  • Cernunnos: Gaelic God of Beasts and Wild Places
  • Cian: Figure in Irish Mythology
  • Dagda: Father God in Irish Mythology
  •  Donn: God of the Dead
  • Eire: Goddess of Ireland
  •  Elatha: God of the Sun and Moon in Celtic Mythology
  •  Epona: Goddess of Horses, Ponies, Donkeys, and Mules
  •  Grannus: Solar Deity
  •  Lir: God of the Sea
  •  Lugh: Celtic God of the Sun and Light
  •  Morrígan: Goddess of War in Irish-Celtic mythology
  •  Neit: God of War
  •  Ogmios: Binding God
  •  Taranis: God of Thunder
A cat sitting in front of the Ancient Egyptian temple in the middle of the desert
Image Credit: Acchiappasogni,Shutterstock


Names From Movies Set in Space

Movies are a treasure trove of potential cat names! The following list has some of the best names from movies set in outer space.

  •  Vader: Famous Character from Star Wars, Formerly Anakin Skywalker
  •  Jedi: Guardians of Peace and Justice From Star Wars
  •  Anakin: Luke and Leia’s Father; Becomes Darth Vader
  •  Luke: Famous Character From Star Wars, Leia’s Twin
  •  Leia: Famous Character From Star Wars, Luke’s Twin
  •  Yoda: Wise Character From Star Wars
  •  Chewie: Faithful Furry Companion From Star Wars
  •  Kylo: Character From Star Wars
  •  Binks: Non-Human Comic Relief Character From Star Wars
  •  Padme: Luke and Leia’s Mother
  •  Ewok: Cute Fuzzy Characters From Star Wars
  •  Spock: Vulcan From Star Trek
  •  Kirk: Captain of the Enterprise From Star Trek
  •  Worf: A Character From Star Trek
cat with glowing eyes sitting on the fence at night
Image Credit: Maslowski Marcin, Shutterstock


Names Inspired by Constellations

The constellations are incredible to behold! So, why not name your equally incredible cat a constellation name?

  • Star
  • Dipper
  • Nebula
  • Lynx
  • Draco
  • Ursa
  • Major
  • Orion
  • Hercules
  •  Cygnus
  •  Aries
  •  Taurus
  •  Gemini
  •  Cancer
  •  Leo
  •  Virgo
  •  Libra
  •  Scorpio
  •  Sagittarius
  •  Capricorn
  •  Aquarius
  •  Pisces
cat against the moon
Image Credit: Khorzhevska, Shutterstock


Names Inspired by Space

When you were a child, did you ever want to be an astronaut when you grew up? If that dream did not come true, consider a space-inspired name for your cat.

  • Astro
  • Rocket
  • Rover
  • Aero
  • Zhurong
  • Comet
  • Asteroid
  • Neutron
  • Kuiper
  •  Cosmo
  •  Blazar
  •  Akari
  •  Exo
  •  Galaxy
  •  Orbit
  •  Martian
  •  Atom
  •  Echo
  •  Plasma
  •  Cluster
  •  Hubble
  •  Spitzer
  •  Titan
  •  Aster
  •  Artemis
  •  Axel
  •  Pilot
  •  Samson
  •  Apollo
  •  Crater
  •  Moon
  •  Celeste
  •  Luna
  •  Aurora
  •  Nova
  •  Eclipse
  •  Laika
  •  Dawn
  •  Estella
  •  Nasa
  •  Spirit
  •  Ariel
  •  Pandora
  •  Astra
  •  Sojourner
  •  Journey
  •  Solar
  •  Milky
  •  Uni
  •  Astrid
  •  Callisto
  •  Mimas
  •  Phoebe
  •  Vega
  •  Stella
  •  Crescent
cat astronaut
Image Credit: Sonsedska Yuliia, Shutterstock



Many people look for names with symbolism or meaning for their pets. The mystical world of mythology and astrology offers a huge variety of names from ancient cultures and modern media that might be perfect for your four-legged friend. If you’re interested in space and the stars in general, we’ve also got some names that might inspire you. We hope this list gave you an idea for naming the pet that you undoubtedly love to the moon and back.

Featured Image Credit: Daykiney, Shutterstock

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