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Buster Gets a Second Chance Thanks to Florida Urgent Rescue


Meet Buster

When Buster was found on the streets of Nassau in the Bahamas, he was in severe pain. He had suffered a severe spinal injury from a hit-in-run and had dragged himself to safety. Buster had been left on the street without care for weeks before he was rescued.

Buster’s knees and belly were raw from scraping the pavement. And his condition was worsening with time. Thanks to the incredible efforts of Lissa, Steph, the BAARK! team, Dr. Valentino, and a network of caring individuals, Buster found hope and a second chance.

FUR to the Rescue

Rescue dog healing at Florida Urgent Rescue

“In rescue, we see the worst in people and the best. Despite all the people who passed him by on the streets, some amazing people jumped into action to save his life.

We want to thank those who found him and brought him to the Bahamas Humane Society, as well as Lissa McComb, Steph Hickman, and the BAARK! Team – who once again jumped into action to save an animal in distress. They reached out to us at FUR, and we knew we had to help. We all agreed to do whatever we could to help him.”

Without an orthopedic specialist in the Bahamas, the Florida Urgent Rescue knew that Buster’s best hope was to bring him to Jacksonville for care.

Buster’s Recovery

Buster in his wheelchair

Despite a severe spinal injury, he’s defying the odds. With dedicated care from Buster’s amazing foster mom, he’s making some big strides. He’s certainly come a long way from where he started!

“We never know exactly what we’re signing up for when we take on a major medical case. Even taking Buster to an orthopedic surgeon and doing everything we can to restore his mobility, we realize he may never walk again. We understand that. Even if he can’t use his back legs, it doesn’t mean he can’t have a wonderful life. Byrdie and Spartacus showed us that.  They race around in their wheelchairs, they’re happy, they’re spoiled, and they’re loved.”

According to the rescue, Buster’s wheelchair from Walkin’ Pets was a game changer in his recovery. “Every day, he grows more confident and joyful. He’s a completely different dog than when he first arrived, and his wheels are a huge part of that. They’ve given him the confidence boost that he needed, and he loves being in them.”

He’s Ready to Find His Forever Home

Healed and mobile, Buster has settled in at his foster home and is ready to find his forever family! FUR wants potential adopters to know that, given his injuries, Buster will always need a little extra help, but he’s got a pep in his step and is ready to be adopted!

To learn more about Buster, inquire about adoption, or to learn more about the Florida Urgent Rescue, please visit their website at www.floridaurgentrescue.org

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