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Can Canaries Eat Watermelon? Vet-Reviewed Facts & FAQs


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Wild canaries eat a diet composed primarily of seeds, insects, fruits, and vegetation. Pet canaries have different nutritional needs, as those that eat a predominately seeded diet may be vulnerable to obesity and nutritional deficiencies. Pellets are the ideal diet for most companion birds, but fruits and vegetables should account for 20–25% of your canary’s diet.

Since your pet’s wild counterparts eat a lot of fruit, you shouldn’t have too hard of a time finding fruit that your canary loves. Watermelon is one of those foods that most birds will devour, but is it good for them? As it turns out, watermelon has plenty of health benefits to offer your pet, but it’s not something you should feed in excess. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of watermelon and how to serve it.


What Are the Benefits of Watermelon?

Watermelon is a hydrating fruit with vitamins like A and B1 and minerals like potassium and phosphorus.

Vitamin A plays a vital role in your pet’s health as it is essential for keeping a healthy immune system. Birds deficient in vitamin A may develop white spots on their eyes and in or around their mouths. These birds may be at risk of developing infections and abscesses. If an abscess were to develop in the mouth, it could put your bird in respiratory distress and even cause suffocation or death.

Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, is necessary to prevent neurodegenerative diseases, paralysis, and early death. In addition, it plays an essential role in proper nerve functioning.

Potassium can help with metabolism speed and strengthen bones, while phosphorus is necessary for proper bone growth and formation.

Since watermelon is so high in water and fiber, it can speed up digestion and prevent constipation.

How Much Watermelon Should a Canary Eat?

A canary eating watermelon
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Since watermelon is so high in water, a small slice of this hydration fruit once a week should suffice. Anything more than that, you may find that your canary produces extra watery stools.

This same rule applies to any other fruit you’re offering your bird—less is best. Though fruit is healthy, it is high in natural sugars, and too much can lead to obesity.

How Should I Prepare Watermelon for My Canary?

Wash the watermelon thoroughly and cut off the rind. Then, cut the fruit into small pieces to serve to your canary.

You can leave the seeds in if you’d like or remove them. Your bird can eat the seeds without any issues, but if you’re concerned about it choking on larger seeds, remove them before serving.

What Other Fruits Can Canaries Have?

There are many other fruits other than watermelon that your canary will enjoy. They’re particularly fond of tropical fruits, but here are some others you might offer them:

  • Banana
  • Apples
  • Peaches
  • Oranges
  • Pears
  • Grapes
  • Berries
  • Apricots


Final Thoughts

Watermelon is a healthy snack to offer your pet canary in moderation. Don’t give too much fruit at a time or feed it too often as it can lead to diarrhea. Remember, your pet’s diet should consist mostly of a high-quality pellet to ensure it’s getting the nutrition it needs to live a long and healthy life.

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