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Capturing Your Pet’s Golden Years


Our dogs are such endearing and faithful companions that we love every moment we spend with them until their final days. We love to pet, play, and take photographs, and that shouldn’t change just because they’ve reached their golden years. This is a chance to celebrate all of the good times. Once you’ve taken those wonderful glamor shots, put them online and share them with your friends and pet companions.

If you’ve never used social media before or are unsure how to capture the glory of your furry friends, know that we’re here to help. In this guide, we’ll talk about the secrets of taking great photos. Plus, how to share them online, and the steps to stay safe in the process.

Taking Photos During the Golden Years

small senior dog

Once your pet gets up there in years, you may have to think differently about how you take their photos. The good news is that while they may take a little longer to get around, they’ll always love you and want to show affection, so you’ll still get those dog and kitty smiles. The important thing is that you go at their pace. You may want to put your pet in a specific pose or catch them while playing in the yard. However, don’t get impatient if they grow tired or don’t stay exactly how you want them.

Though you want to get great pics of your pet, resist the urge to hold off on the photos until everything is 100% perfect. You simply never know how much time you have left with your furry friend. Even if you need to use your smartphone to take pictures instead of a professional photographer, they will still be unforgettable. Sometimes, spontaneous moments are the most precious.

If you have a pet with a disability, you may need to be a bit strategic about the photoshoot. For instance, pets that are blind or deaf may have a hard time focusing on the camera. At least for long enough to snap a picture. So, to get their attention, hold a treat in front of their face and lead it up towards the camera so they look where they should. Then, give your pet the treat for a job well done. Try to avoid overly bright lights, especially if your pet has cataracts.

Whatever you do, you simply must try to have fun during the photoshoot. Take photos as your pet goes along with their typical routine. If they have a special toy they play with daily, take the pictures as you’ll see them at their happiest. Does your dog like spending their time in the backyard? If so, take the pictures there to prevent an uncomfortable or unhappy situation. Play it by ear, and don’t take it too seriously, and you’ll get great photos.

senior black lab laying on grass

Once you have a collection of photos, start sorting them on your phone in preparation for an impending upload to social media. There are many social websites to consider for your pet collage, and you can post pictures on some or all of them. Some top social media sites make an excellent platform for pet pics.

For instance, Instagram is for photos and videos, so you know you’ll post for people who love to see this type of media. You also can’t go wrong with Facebook. With over 3 billion monthly users, this social media outlet has plenty of attention, and many pet owners are there. You can even join groups dedicated to your type of pet. If you prefer to share videos of your pup, YouTube is the place to go because audiences go there looking for funny and cute pet videos.

While posting photos online is fun, it has risks, especially regarding hackers and cybercriminals. Without the proper password protection, hackers can initiate an account takeover. That’s when the criminal can take ownership of your profile and either shut it down or post illegitimate posts on your behalf. So, make a good password your top priority.

Avoid using easy passwords that include your name, pet’s name, street name, or other common knowledge information, or hackers can figure them out. Instead, create a unique passphrase pattern. That’s a combination of letters and numbers or a string of words that would be next to impossible for a stranger to guess. Even if you use a complicated passphrase, change it regularly so hackers can’t catch on.

Taking It to the Next Level

Some owners have a simple desire. They simply want to take photos of their pet and upload them online just to preserve them as time goes on. In that case, you can add them on, enjoy them occasionally, and avoid fussing over sharing them across the web. However, some people choose to bring the love of their senior pet to the next level and try to make them a viral sensation.

Remember, this is not a guarantee, but if you want to try to make your pet famous, start with smart hashtags. When you post on these social media sites, you can add hashtags to your photos to attract a niche or larger crowd. Examples include #pet, #petstagram, #lovepets, #exoticpets, and more. Add these to your photos, and you could gain more traction. Of course, if you only want friends and family to see your pet, then simply add them as friends or followers and mark the photos as private to anyone else.

By trying to make your pet a sensation, you’re joining many other pet stars that have rocked the internet over the years. People love the idea of rooting for pets of any age. Something is endearing about a dog in its golden years smiling at the camera. Just don’t force it. Allow your pet to be themselves. Let their character show through, and people will take notice.

There are many photo ideas to try to keep your audience engaged. For instance, when in doubt, jump into the picture with them! Don’t worry about how photogenic you think you may or may not be. Instead, get in there and take pictures where you hold your pet or play with them and their favorite toy. Who knows, you may become a viral sensation too.


The point is that you must celebrate your beloved pet, regardless of their age or current situation. They still love you to death, and it’s essential that you preserve the memories of your faithful companion for years to come. Consider these tips, and the memory of your pet can stay online forever.

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