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Guard Dog Who Fell Into A Water-Filled Hole Gets Rescued


Dusty the Great Pyrenees from Arizona had a ruff start to his week when he fell into a water-filled hole and went missing on an early Sunday morning last week.

Dusty, the six-year-old and 120 pounds Great Pyrenees, was rescued on Monday, July 24, when the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) received a call from a rancher off Charleston Road outside of Tombstone.

“There was a livestock guardian who got himself stuck in a water filled hole and needed assistance,” shared the CCSO.

According to Dusty’s owner, the pooch went missing at about 3:00 AM on Sunday, July 23. He believed that Dusty was doing his ranch guard dog duties, defending a goat herd and chickens from a predator, when he fell in the hole.

The Cochise Country Sheriff’s Office posted about the pooch and said, “Search and Rescue goes above and beyond the limits, All.The.Time”.

They gave Dusty their best wishes and said, “Keep on the straight and narrow and watch out for those pesky holes!”

CCSO also gave a shout out to their team for not only responding to “multiple calls for service involving hikers who are experiencing heat illness, motorists who are experiencing the same and become stranded, and body recoveries due to the weather” but also for furry friends that need their help.

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