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Should You Get a Blind Dog Halo?


A Blind Dog Halo is an invaluable tool to help a sight-impaired pup to get around safely! Like the way a cane is used to support a blind person check their surroundings for any obstacles and helps a pet with vision loss determine where they are and if it’s safe to walk without bumping into something. The extra assistance gives pets the confidence they need to explore and move around with ease. Of course, not every blind dog may need an assistive device like the Blind Dog Halo, but many dogs with sight issues can benefit from using one. 

If you have a dog with deteriorating sight or already suffering from blindness, you may wonder if a product like the Blind Dog Halo is the right thing for them. To decide if a blind dog halo is the right choice for your pet, it is essential to understand what it is, how it works, and the pros and cons of using a this aid. 

What is the Blind Dog Halo?

The blind dog halo consists of two pieces, the halo wire and the harness it attaches to. The halo wire acts as a buffer between your dog and nearby objects. The harness portion of the halo securely attaches around your dog and connects the halo to your dog’s body. The harness or vest keeps the wire secure and prevents it from wobbling up and down on its own. The wire or “halo” should be adjusted so that it’s in line with your pet’s nose. Keeping the halo wire in front of your dog’s nose will ensure it is protecting your dog from objects in the area unknown to them.

What does the Blind Dog Halo do?

A small dog with vision loss using our Walkin' Pets Halo. A Healing Aids product

The Blind Dog Halo is for any dog struggling with vision issues. A halo is ideal for any pet dealing with vision loss, it works by allowing them to walk around without fear of bumping their head. The Halo works as a bumper, so dogs do not have to worry about hitting their snout or head on objects they don’t realize are around them.

If your visually-impaired pet needs something to help them regain confidence in their home, this aid is an excellent option.  

A blind dog aid is especially helpful for pups that have:

  • Recently become blind 
  • Lost their depth perception
  • Experiencing progressive vision loss as they age
  • Lost their confidence in moving throughout the home or even outside. 

How to Use the Blind Dog Halo?

The length of time it takes your dog to adjust to wearing a blind dog halo will differ depending on your personality. The best way to introduce your dog to his aid is by taking it slow and using positive reinforcement. When a dog can’t see well, their other senses are heightened. Strange sounds and wearing a new harness might startle your dog at first since it’s new to them. Always give your pet time to adjust to their harness and halo.

Having your dog wear the harness is the first step of getting your dog comfortable with the Blind Dog Halo. You will want to make sure you have removed the wire if already attached or hold off on attaching the wire if not already built. Get them used to being in the harness for extended periods, and remember to praise them. If they are food motivated, give them treats to make the overall experience positive throughout the process. 

The next step is to attach the halo to the harness once they are comfortable with it. Helping your dog adjust to the feel of the halo will take time. High-value treats, toys, and praise well help keep your pet happy and help them create a positive connection to wearing the halo. At first, you will want to keep the Halo on for short periods until they are comfortable with it. While we do not recommend leaving this on while you are away and advise use under supervision only, they can use this for long periods uninterrupted once comfortable. 


If you are looking for a product to help your vision impaired pet regain their confidence in their own home; while also allowing them to navigate their own home safely, the Blind Dog Halo is the right product for them! This simple and easy-to-use device can help make a difference in a dog’s quality of life. A halo gives vision-impaired pets back their confidence and their independence. Making sure our beloved family pets can live as comfortably and safely as possible is the most important thing we can do for them.

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