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Vancouver’s Top 5 Dog Friendly Things To Do


Planning a pet friendly trip to Vancouver and looking for fun things to do with your dog? Whether you love the bustle of the city or the tranquility of the woods, Vancouver has the sand and surf AND the majesty of the Rocky Mountains. There is truly something for everyone in this versatile oasis!

Woman dog on a mountaintop near Vancouver at sunset


Living in Vancouver is something you can’t quite explain – the city becomes enmeshed in everything you do and all that you are. And what’s not to love? In the winter, we can go from the heart of downtown to the ski slopes in 30 minutes. And in the summer, the city is almost surround by water with beaches to suit every mood.

The culture is a melting pot that hasn’t been melted – a place where people from all walks of life co-exist. You can find the flags of nations around the globe displayed with pride.

And we have city life and the great outdoors rolled into one. Go from theatre, music, and art one day to hockey, football, and soccer the next!

But above all, this city loves dogs. And we’ve created a lifestyle that is world class – not just for ourselves, but for our pooches, too. In Vancouver you’ll find a city that loves dogs as much as you do, where pet friendly accommodations abound, and the public transit system welcomes small dogs to travel with you.

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Vancouver’s Top 5 Dog Friendly Things To Do

With so many dog friendly things to do in Vancouver, you might have trouble deciding where to start. No worries! We’ve gathered some of the most popular options to help you and your pup lay out an itinerary.

1. Visit The Local Attractions

Part of the fun of visiting a new city is seeing the local attractions. Unfortunately, in many places, the local landmarks don’t welcome pets. But in Vancouver you’ll find plenty of dog friendly sites to choose from!

Capilano Suspension Bridge

The Capilano Suspension Bridge is British Columbia’s most popular attraction – for good reason! Walking across the swaying bridge as it spans the canyon below is an adrenaline rush. But the payoff is a gentle path through the rainforest on the other side.

For those craving more excitement, try the Treetops Adventure and then take a stroll on the Cliffwalk!

German Shepherd Dog and Shar-pei at the dog friendly Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, BC
View of the dog friendly Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, BC


Historic Gastown

Historic Gastown is Vancouver’s first downtown core, and now boasts over 200 retailers and restaurants you can visit. Download one of the many walking guides of this pedestrian-friendly district and take your pup for a stroll!

Our favorite is the patio guide, which allowed us to sample the best eats and drinks in Gastown.

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Street view of dog friendly Historic Gastown in Vancouver, BC
German Shepherd Dog and Shar-pei at Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC


Hell’s Gate Air Tram

Imagine floating down the Fraser River when suddenly the canyon walls start closing in, forcing 200,000,000 gallons of water a minute through a channel only 110 feet wide. It’s no wonder European explorers coined this Hell’s Gate!

Fortunately, you and your dog’s ride will be much more comfortable aboard the Hell’s Gate Air Tram as it smoothly descends into the gorge.

Dog Friendly cable car arriving at Hell's Gate station, hovering over the Hell's Gate Bridge and Fraser River in Vancouver, BC

Granville Island

From downtown Vancouver, hop aboard the dog friendly Aquabus to Granville Island for quirky local shopping, art, music and more. Don’t miss the famous Granville Island Public Market, home to over 100 vendors offering fresh seafood, meats, and specialty foods. Pets aren’t allowed inside the market, but they can join you on the outdoor patio to share any treats you purchase!

Granville Market sign. The market is a famous tourist attraction in Vancouver, BC Canada
Visitors resting at the Granville Island Public Market. It's home to over 100 vendors offering fresh seafood, meats, and specialty foods. Granville Island is located across False Creek from downtown Vancouver.


2. Hit The Dog Friendly Beaches

Given the choice, most dogs are going to vote to visit one (or all) of Vancouver’s dog friendly, off-leash beaches. And why not?! They’re the perfect place to splash in the waves and romp with the local dogs.

Please note that, while leashed pets are welcome in all of Vancouver’s parks, dogs are only allowed at beaches with designated off-leash areas, and they must stay in those areas when on the beaches.

The following Vancouver parks have off-leash beaches:

  • Hadden Park (seasonal and time restrictions apply)
  • John Hendry Park
  • New Brighton Park (seasonal and time restrictions apply)
  • Spanish Banks Beach Park
  • Sunset Beach Park

Our favorite dog friendly beach in Vancouver is at Hadden Park in Kitsilano. Amazing view, you guys!

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Big dog, Great Dane, playing in the water at Stanley Park in Vancouver Island, BC


3. Socialize At The Off-Leash Dog Parks

Sand might not be your thing … but pups still love to run. If that’s true for you, why not try one of Vancouver’s 29 off-leash dog parks? No matter where you are in city, there’s an off-leash dog park near you.

Off-Leash Dog Parks In The Downtown Core

Andy Livingstone Park (89 Expo Blvd at Carral Street)
Open 6am to 10pm, 1,125 square meters, fenced

Coopers’ Park (1020 Marinaside Crescent)
Open 6am to 10pm, 4,344 square meters, unfenced grass field east of the bridge

CRAB Park at Portside (101 E Waterfront Road)
Open 6am to 10am & 5pm to 10pm, 5,056 square meters, east side, dogs not allowed within 15 meters of the playground

Devonian Harbour Park (1929 W Georgia Street at Denman Street)
Open 6am to 10pm, 3,760 square meters, fenced

Emery Barnes Park (Davie and Richards Streets)
Open 6am to 10pm, 856 square meters, fenced with a water fountain

Nelson Park (1030 Bute Street)
Open 7am to 9pm, 2,074 square meters, fenced, dogs are not allowed in the school yard

Stanley Park (shuffleboard court area off Lagoon Drive)
Open 6am to 9pm, 450 square meters, fenced

Sunset Beach Park (behind Aquatic Centre, east of the ferry dock)
Open 6am to 10pm, 1,049 square meters, dog beach

Frederica Park Dog Run - St. Simons Island, GA


West Vancouver’s Off-Leash Dog Parks

Balaclava Park (4594 Balaclava Street, near W 31st Avenue)
Open 7am to 10am & 5pm to 10pm, 7,738 square meters, unfenced

Charleson Park (999 Charleson Street)
Grass bowl: Open 6am to 10pm, 8,094 square meters, unfenced
Waterfall pond: Open to leashed dogs from 10am to 5pm in June, July and September. Open to off-leash dogs all day from October to May. 4,251 square meters. Note that dogs are not allowed in the duck pond.

Hadden Park (1905 Ogden Avenue)
Open 6am to 10am & 5pm to 10pm from May to September. Open 6am to 10pm from October to April. 12,736 square meters with dog beach

Hinge Park (215 W 1st Avenue, between Columbia Street & W 1st Avenue)
Open all day, 1,098 square meters, fenced with separate area for small dogs

Locarno Park (Belmont Avenue and Trimble Street, between Trimble Street and Sasamat Street)
Open 6am to 10pm, 11,389 square meters – east half of the park, one block south of the beach. Note that dogs not allowed on playground side of the park.

Nat Bailey Stadium (4601 Ontario Street, west side of the street)
Open 6am to 10 pm, 6,584 square meters

Oak Meadows Park (899 W 37th Avenue, at Oak Street)
Open 6am to 10pm, 4,743 square meters

Queen Elizabeth Park (4600 Cambie Street, off E 37th Avenue and Columbia Street)
Open 6am to 10pm, 16,484 square meters

Quilchena Park (4590 Magnolia Street, between W 33rd Avenue and Pine Street)
Open 6am to 10pm, 9,208 square meters

Spanish Banks Beach Park (4900 NW Marine Drive, near the entrance to Pacific Spirit Park)
Open 6am to 10pm, 50,374 square meters, dog beach

Valdez Park (3210 W 22nd Avenue, Balaclava Street at W 22nd Avenue)
Open 6am to 10am & 5pm to 10pm, 7,683 square meters

Black German Shepherd Dog swimming at the beach on Mackinac Island, MI


East Vancouver Off-Leash Dog Parks

Burrard View Park (650 North Penticton Street)
Open 5am to 10pm, 5,313 square meters, has a water fountain

Dusty Greenwell Park (2799 Wall Street)
Open 5am to 10am & 5pm to 10pm, 5,313 square meters

Falaise Park (3434 Falaise Avenue)
Open 5am to 10am & 5pm to 10pm, 12,136 square meters. Note from 5am to 8am dogs can only be off-leash beside the school.

John Hendry (Trout Lake) Park (3300 Victoria Drive, between the lake, the ball field, and the football field)
Open 5am to 10pm, 27,202 square meters, dog beach

Jones Park (5350 Commercial Street)
Open 5am to 10am & 5pm to 10pm, 9,223 square meters

Kingscrest Park (4150 Knight Street, between E 27th Avenue, E King Edward Avenue, and Dumfries Street)
Open 5am to 10am & 5pm to 10pm, 7,418 square meters

New Brighton Park (3201 New Brighton Road, between Windermere Street, Nootka Street and E Waterfront Road)
Open 5am to 10am from May to September and 5am to 10pm from October to April. 7,004 square meters – fenced, 901 square meters – dog beach

Pandora Park (2325 Franklin Street, at Garden Drive)
Open 6am to 10pm, 2,672 square meters, fenced with a water fountain

Renfrew Community Park (2929 E 22nd Avenue, Renfrew, between 20th & 21st Avenues)
Open 6am to 9pm, 1,392 square meters, fenced

Strathcona Park (857 Malkin Avenue, northeast corner of Strathcona Park)
Open 5am to 10am & 5pm to 10pm, 6,255 square meters

Sunrise Park (1950 Windermere Street)
Open 5am to 10am & 5pm to 10pm, 21,215 square meters. Note that dogs are not allowed on the sports field or playground.

Two dogs playing together in a dog park


Off-leash Dog Parks In South Vancouver

Everett Crowley Park (8200 Kerr Street)
Open all day, 117,020 square meters, dogs are allowed off-leash on the inner trails

Fraser River Park (8705 Angus Drive, at W 75th Avenue)
West side – open all day, east side – open all day from October to April only, 71,033 square meters. Note that dogs must be on-leash in the riparian area, and on-leash in the east side of park from May to September.

Fraserview Dog Park (8101 Kerr Street, between Rosemont Ave, Kerr St, Vivian Dr, and south of the lane along Vivian Drive)
Open 5am to 10am & 5pm to 10pm, 26,942 square meters

George Park (500 E 63rd Avenue, west of St. George Street)
Open 6am to 10am & 5pm to 10pm, 13,209 square meters. Note that dogs are not allowed within 15 meters of the playground.

Killarney Park (6205 Kerr Street, between E 46th Avenue, E 48th Avenue, Raleigh Street, and walkway along the east at parking lot)
Open 5am to 10am & 5pm to 10pm from Labour Day to June 14th and from 5am to 10pm from June 15 to Labour Day, 34,295 square meters

Musqueam Park (4000 SW Marine Drive, at Crown Street)
Open 6am to 10pm, 33,292 square meters

Sparwood Park (6998 Arlington Street)
Open 5am to 10am & 5pm to 10pm, 35,233 square meters

Sunset Park (300 E 53rd Avenue, at Prince Edward Street)
Open 6am to 10pm, 2,973 square meters fenced with a water fountain

Tecumseh Park (1751 E 45th Avenue)
Open 5am to 10am & 5pm to 10pm, 19,788 square meters. Note that dogs are not allowed within 15 meters of the playground.

Off-leash Dog Park - Jasper, AB


4. Take A Hike

Part of this city’s charm is the many opportunities it offers to enjoy nature. There are oodles of local, dog friendly hiking trails in Vancouver, with options to fit everyone’s abilities – from the novice hiker to the truly motivated. They call it “Beautiful, Supernatural BC” and that is never more evident than when you are out hiking.

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Woman dog on a mountaintop near Vancouver at sunset


5. Eat Your Heart Out

The people of Vancouver delight in good food. We can tell you the best places to get authentic Canadian poutine, show off our iconic Japadog street carts, or recommend high-end restaurants serving specialty cuisine from all over the world. And dog friendly patios all over town will welcome you and your pup to pull up a seat and dine on your favorites.

For the dogs, there are a myriad of snazzy pet shops where you can pick up treats for your pooch. But no dog friendly trip to Vancouver is complete until your pup chooses his favorite delight from True Carnivores.

Woman holding her little dog, Chihuahua, and enjoying the beautiful view of downtown Vancouver, BC


Bonus: Take A Day Trip To Whistler

Just a quick car trip from the city, Whistler is a mountain top village known for its world class skiing and snowboarding. But it’s also a fun place to visit with your pets!

This small town boasts four off-leash parks, special events like Whistler DogFest, the annual K9 Wine & Dine, and a multitude of pet friendly outdoor things to do. From snowshoeing and cross country skiing to hiking — Whistler makes a fun day trip from Vancouver.

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Dog Friendly Whistler, BC | GoPetFriendly.com

No matter what you choose to do, dog friendly Vancouver is a topnotch vacation destination. Come on over, eh? We would love to meet you!

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About the Author: Jodi is a baker, crafter and self-professed “Crazy Dog Lady” hailing from beautiful Vancouver, BC. (That’s in Canada, eh?) On her blog, Kol’s Notes, Jodi shares recipes, DIY projects, and tips on how to live a dog friendly life that doesn’t look like its gone to the dogs.

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